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Top-notch customer service

We visited Sanibel for a birthdays weekend, and headed to Captiva for sunset and dinner. We then found ourselves nearly stranded … at 9 p.m.! We had gotten a ride to our destination on the late afternoon but didn’t realize the island basically shuts down very early.

I called Island Taxi, spoke to Jerry, who said he would ask a current ride if we could join them. If not, he said he would come get us himself.

Within minutes, my better half somehow got us a ride. I didn’t want to stiff Island Taxi, so I called Jerry to update him. He said, “Oh, don’t tell me that — I have a car halfway there’l

I apologized, telling him we didn’t want to risk being stranded. I offered to pay for a ride via cc.

Jerry said he would ask his boss. Within seconds, he came back on the phone to say, “She said that’s OK. Just use us if you visit again.”

Absolutely, Jerry! Thank you for your understanding and thanks to your boss, too.

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